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Mortgage Insurance
Protect your most valuable asset
with a mortgage insurance plan

Protect your most valuable asset with a mortgage insurance plan. A house is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Protect your investment because your family should never be without a home.

Universal Life Policies
An insurance policy that also
gives you investment returns

An insurance policy that also gives you investment returns. You can choose between Index Accounts, Guaranteed Interest Accounts funds.

Welcome to Thana Insurance

I am Thana Manikavasagar , Realter and Insurance Broker with 15 years of combined experience in the Real Estate and Financial services Industry.

My services are including All type of Insurance,Buying and Selling Homes, RRSP, RESP and more.
I am here to help you on anything at anytime. So If you need any help on anything just “Ask Thana” on 416-728-5772, I am here to help or will find a perfect contact to help you.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential to building a solid financial plan—whether it be to prot...

Health Insurance

Protecting your health is important and health insurance helps ensure you and your family...

Travel Insurance

You can enjoy your well deserved vacation without having to worry about your family back h...

Savings and Retirement

Savings and Retirement has always been the basis of all good financial planning. Every amo...

Investment Vehicles

As an investor, you want to seek the best returns, but you are also looking for financial...

Financial Planning

For anyone that is looking for a well planned and an exceptional financial report, you can...

Critical illness insurance

What is critical illness insurance? Medical advances have dramatically improved the sur...

Disability insurance

What is disability insurance? Disability insurance is designed to replace a portion of...

Mortgage insurance

What is mortgage insurance? If you’re buying a home, there’s a lot to think...

Registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

What is an RRSP? A registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is a personal savings acco...

Registered education savings plan (RESP)

Registered education savings plan (RESP) What is an RESP? An RESP is a great way to sa...

Tax Free Savings Account

What is a TFSA? A tax-free savings account lets you save up to $5,500/year1 for any pur...

Non-Medical Insurance

With Canada Protection Plan, you can get the life insurance coverage you need in as little...

Super Visa Medical Coverage

What is the Super Visa? The Super Visa is an option for parents and grandparents of Can...

Drug and Dental Plan

What is personal health insurance? Personal health insurance products help lower your r...

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